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Demonstration video of MacFlim Version 1

Early Tech Demo of Version 2

Video of current version forthcoming

This is MacFlim Player, the most popular Macintosh flim player. Whichever Macintosh you have, if it blessed with one of those modern 68000 CPUs you will be able to admire and listen to many flim clips, in their gorgeous black and white.

If your Macintosh is currently getting re-capped or if you are unfortunately stuck in the past with an IBM 5150, you can still enjoy the flims by clicking on the animated gifs and play them in your browser.

The popular Macintosh video player just got even better!

Remember when your kids uttered their first words? Remember how proud you were? Well, the same happened to MacFlim, it has now learned how to speak! And can play Flims at their exact orginal frame rate! And thanks to is new lossy compression, flims size are 3 to 4 times smaller than they used to be! And it supports even more models of Macintoshs! And you can play flims at higher resolution, on a Macintosh XL or a Macintosh Portable! And the encoder is way simpler to use, so creating your own flims is a breeze!

disclaimer: Compressed flims are not always as nice as they used to be due to the extra space used for sound. Also the player doesn't support multiple windows, and have slightly less inside jokes, but we are working hard on that. Entirely harmless if used as directed.

So, what are you waiting for?

How to install MacFlim Player

Beware, flim files can still be quite big. How big? Well, it depends on the desired quality. You are looking at around 100Kb/seconds for Mac Plus quality, 150 for SE and more than 300 for SE30. Or 22Kb if you intend to play them from a 400Kb floppy drive!

For the plus and above, you'll need an internal SCSI drive, or SCSI2SD (if you can make sense of the different models), or a RaSCSI (if you like soldering), or a BlueSCSI (if you don't live in the EU) to store them. There is also the MacSD which I know nothing about, but it does look neat.

Download the app, version 2.0.10 as a 800K .dsk file

Flims are available as ``.flim`` files. Just download the ones you want, move them to your mac and add them to you MacFlim Library

While you can play a flim encoded for a Mac Plus on a SE or a SE/30, the reverse is not possible, so download the best possible flim for your hardware

By clicking on the animated gif (which are not as smooth as the flims themselves, as explained here), you will directly plays an mp4 of the resulting flim. However, as mp4 is not designed to compress well high frequency black and white, those files are *much larger* than the flims (like between x10 and x25), they can easily bring the MacFlim server down.

Samples flims downloads:

Sample flims for your Macintosh SE/30

Here are flims for you SE/30. The SE/30 being a very powerful modern machine, those are playing at the original framerate, with next to no artifacts!

Sample flims for your Macintosh SE

Thanks to the large set of optimization options of the MacFlim encoder, the following flims can be played on your Macintosh SE or your Macintosh Portable, albeit at half the original framerate. But at 60 frame per second! It is hard to grasp, so just look at the result for yourself...

Of course, those flims can also be played on SE/30. Or even on a Macintosh Portable/PowerBook 100, albeit with a black border.

Full screen flims for you Macintosh Portable

A large screen that you could get with you anywhere, for just a little over 7Kg (16 lb). The machine is roughly a Mac SE, but the flims are full screen!

You can also use any flims for the SE or the Plus, but they will have a black border displayed.

Sample flims for your Macintosh Plus

To be honest, the Macintosh Plus is almost capable of the same feats as the SE, so here are a some other flims, optimized for you favorite Mac from 1986!

Of course, all these flims can also be played on SE, Portable, PowerBook 100, SE/30...

Sample flims for your Macintosh XL

The Macintosh XL is slower than the orignal Macs (5MHz vs 8MHz), but the slow Widget is faster than floppies or HD20. If you can transfer those files, you should be looking at those flims on that fabulous machine.

To enjoy fully the larger than life XL screen, you can encode flims up to 704x364 pixels (note that XL aspect ratio will not be respected) !. You may need to use Mini MacFlim to play the flims. There is no sound, as the Lisa hardware was only capable of beeps.

No compact mac can play those flims, as they are larger than the internal screens

Sample flims for your Macintosh 512 with an Apple HD20

The Macintosh 512 have no SCSI, but can have a HD20 floppy port hard drive. You can't have floppy and sound, so flims are silent, and the transfer rate isn't that impressive. But you can still enjoy your flims!

Of course, you can play those flims on more powerful macs, but they won't have sound...

Sample floppy-sized flims for your Macintosh 128

Who said the original Mac couldn't do video? Here are two floppy-sized flims for your Macintosh 128. You'll need to put Mini MacFlim on your system disk to play those.

If you like the idea of creating your own flims, you can install flimmaker on linux or mac os x. Flimmaker will also hapilly generate mp4 files that shows the frame perfect result of MacFlim on any hardware, so you don't need to have access to a vintage mac to enjoy tweaking the encoding of your favorite flim!

There are no flim about cyclimse. This is as expected.